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The First Polo for Samurai

I created distinctive clothing that transitions from the gym to everyday life, to feel good and look elegant in any occasion.

I was greatly inspired by the culture of the Far East and its different styles, traditions and moves.

To be sustainable and ethical for me is KEY. I teamed up with superb artisans in Italy to take care of every detail in the manufacturing process.


Kimopolo "Hong Kong" Women cut

My father was a professional tennis player when he was young, and my mother was a knitwear fashion designer throughout the ‘80s and early ‘90s. As a result, when I was growing up I witnessed the creation of several international sport brands created with a mix of fibers. 

However, I could never feel quite comfortable in these synthetics, and I still think makes no sense to wear "plastic" while you’re sweating (... and smelling). No way! 

That is when I came to see a gap in the active leisurewear market. 

The result? Martial Attitude Kimopolo.

Buttons are crafted from olive tree wood in a small artisanal laboratory in the Valdastico Valley, located between Verona and Treviso, Italy.  

Inspired by the striking look of Wushu and Wing Chun disciplines, Kimopolo can be elegant and formal when all buttons are fastened, yet it still allows the free rotation of the shoulders thanks to the cuts of the sleeves and the darts along the scapula. If you’re doing too many pull-ups or wearing it in hotter weather, try leaving it fully open.

Training Wing Chun myself for several years, I have come to learn how poor is the choice nowadays in terms of sport fashion, if you like to wear something comfortable but also elegant.

That is why I started from scratch in designing Kimopolo, finding some solution for the movement of the rotator cuff of the shoulder, mostly "neglected" because of the abuse of synthetic fabrics. Kimopolo is having darts on the back side, along the scapula: so that you can over extend your arm and the movement will keep flowing without restriction, neither "pulling" the textile from the back.

If the first inspiration was given by martial arts, then I have tried Kimopolo on the tennis court and cycling with extraordinary results as well.

Kimopolo is made out of a premium quality cotton jersey, whose main characteristic, as a textile, is to being built in spirals and not with a crisscross pattern. So the fabric maintains elasticity without need of mixing it with synthetic fibers.

You will discover how light Kimopolo is and how fast it dries after washing! So much quicker than any other piquet you might be commonly using. And very easy to iron even at lower heat.

- Looking for the right size? Don't hesitate to contact us if any doubt. In the meantime, please consider that our lady model is 170 cm tall, Bust 85 cm, Waist 67 cm, Hips 95 cm and she's wearing a Women's size ITA 42.. Male Model is 183 cm tall, Bust 94 cm, Pant Waist 82 cm, Hips 100 cm and he's wearing a size Men's ITA 48.

Men and Women Cut

As you can see from the pictures, we initially focused our attention into making perfect Kimopolo in the Women Cut, with the priceless help of Federico Zattera and his pattern cutting laboratory, located in the northern part of Veneto region, Italy, on the road to Austria. 

Federico took the original designs and elaborated them to perfection with several passages. This will give Martial Attitude the tools to manufacture with the ultimate technologies now available in Italian fashion industry. 

I will be able to reduce costs without losing top notch quality in every single piece. 

Federico is precisely the person who will develop the Man cut for Kimopolo "Master". This crowdfunding gave the resources to complete this creation process.

Also, he has worked already for the first prototypes of the the next designs Kimopolo "Sensei" , Martial Trousers and Martial Shorts.

Unigunde in Kimopolo "Hong Kong" & Mathias in Kimopolo "Tanabe". Both wear Martial Trousers
Unigunde in Kimopolo "Hong Kong" & Mathias in Kimopolo "Tanabe". Both wear Martial Trousers

Todo Cambia

In Kimopolo you will find 6 little piece of art of buttons. 

Originally designed and wood carved in a larger version, I needed them to be small and produced in larger numbers. After long searching across fairs in different countries, I finally met Riccardo owner at Bottonificio Bicego

Riccardo and his PA Francesca took an extra mile in creating a 3D rendering of the original design and optimized it for production. I really wanted you to handle the best material and so they looked for the most resistant e resilient olive tree wood. It will suffer nothing out of any washing you are gonna make and it will stay beautiful in time.

Unfortunately, in the second half of 2019, Riccardo decided to close the laboratory down, after so many years and two full generations.

So our buttons are now changing... will post asap our new choice.

Kimopolo "Hong Kong" with handmade olive tree wooden buttons
Kimopolo "Hong Kong" with handmade olive tree wooden buttons

Why the Crowdfunding?


Kimopolo supply chain and production main obstacle sets in the minimum order quantities the fashion industry requires.

I was blessed with meeting Daniele Bollea. He has worked in the manufacturing Italian industry for almost 4 decades and has a terrific know-how in his field.

Unfortunately, the de-localization and globalization hit badly this sector of the Italian fashion industry. Daniele now has reduced his workforce, but believed very much in Martial Attitude and Kimopolo, so that he helped me into realizing the first prototypes and will run the production after successful crowdfunding.

Designer Mathias Alberton in Kimopolo "Hong Kong" first prototype and Martial Attitude Manufacturer Daniele Bollea
Designer Mathias Alberton in Kimopolo "Hong Kong" first prototype and Martial Attitude Manufacturer Daniele Bollea

Zero Waste Fashion

Martial Attitude Kimopolo and original craftsmanship are a perfect match.

Two years and a half ago, I met the incredible Giuseppe Traverso and his Museo Carta in Mele, GE, Italy. We are working on the handcrafted Martial Attitude KimoPad.

Giuseppe creates his own paper mesh from recycled materials and natural fibers. So he will use all the leftover cuts of Kimopolo to have a super quality cotton batch and brand will go ZERO WASTE.

What when your Kimopolo will end its life spam? Give it back to us and we will transforming in Martial Attitude KimoPad and send it over to you. You will only cover the expedition costs and contribute to save the Planet empowering Kimopolo #circularfashion model!

Not enough, Martial Attitude Kimopad wil be enriched by an original wood engraved artwork by the talented Mauro Casalino.

With your support, you truly support Italian fashion industry and Italian artisans. Check the video out and meet the guys! #whomademyclothes is not a mystery any more with Martial Attitude Kimopolo.

Creator Mathias Alberton at Museo Carta Mele in April 2018